It's not unusual

As Sir Tom Jones said, it's not unusual... except that some of our Bee's Knees cheeses really are quite the opposite!  How many of our more striking cheeses have you tried?  We thought it would be worth taking a look at some of them in more detail

Red Wine Port

For a cheese that really stands out when the cheese board rolls out at the end of a meal look no further than this stunning hand cut favourite.  The colour is bound to be a talking point and of course it goes brilliantly well with red wine or a port.  

Chip Shop Curry

Imagine a cheese that tastes just like the curry sauce you'd get from your local chippy!  Well, imagine no more because our Chip Shop Curry flavour cheese really does taste just like the real thing!  It's a guaranteed surprise to the tastebuds.  For a cheese that will be talked about long after it's been eaten make sure you get a piece.

Fiery Dragon

This cheese has a little bit of a kick and goes great in a whole range of foods, if you're making a bowl of nachos and want to add a little surprise this is the cheese to go for.  It's one of our best sellers and is available now.

Of course this is just a sample of the flavours we have available, what's your favourite?